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To start or take over a scheme (currently you will need Internet Access(e-mail)  and a printer facility):

First Remember:   Neighbours acting together can reduce crime.

You will become the NW Contact of your scheme and be registered with the Police as the scheme contact / co-ordinator.  

1. Print down this form and fill it in, then contact one of the other Selsey Contacts to process them.

2. They will either collect the form from you, tell you where to send it or send it for you.

When you receive the O.K.  Please contact all your neighbours and tell them that you will act as the NW contact for the scheme.  A scheme can be any size but is usually between 10 and 30 homes. Collect their names, e-mail ids, addresses and telephone numbers. Should you find a neighbour also keen enough to help, get them to register as well and split the scheme between you.  You will have to maintain this little private list as people move in and out, or perhaps change service providers etc.  If you have members without internet access you will need to keep them informed by paper/phone/chat.

Once registered you will receive weekly bulletins from the police and occasional information from other agencies.  You must decide how relevant this is to your members and pass the information on to you them.  Forward e-mails complete and let them read/delete.  Edit any stuff for printing and only pass extremely pertinent information to the non-internet members.  Maybe telephone if extremely urgent. You decide!

Send all Selsey members the Selsey Information Sheet  (it is in PDF form so is visible and storable on most devices)   Print it locally for the Non-internet users. You have to print both sides of this Tri-fold document

and you could possibly over print your name and contact details on the latest version.