Chichester District Neighbourhood Watch Area At the heart of the Neighbourhood Watch movement lies a simple and very effective idea: Getting  together with your neighbours can prevent local crime. The idea is simple but it works. • • This  information covers the Chichester District of ‘Sussex Police’.

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Contacting the Police.

In Emergency use 999

In Non-emergency use 101 or  for Sussex Police  use   01273-470-101

Updated April 2022-

Immobilise  - Registration of valuable portable items.

Tips for Parents The National Neighbourhood Watch –  Newsletter OTHER USEFUL  LINKS

Little book of Big Scams  revised

Sussex Police Website   This new version is now quite good with a  lot of information but you have to drill (click) down for it.

Maintaining this website has become increasingly difficult so many of the underlined links no longer work. TheSussex Police website also seem to have removed many of their useful links.   I will continue to update the local police bulletin link regularly though (in the red box below) —––––-––––––––––––––––––––––––––-–-\


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